Professor Edward Morey

Econ 2010 (300)

Book chapters with comments by me as pdf notes

From the second edition of the book, which has replaced the first edition

KW: Chapter 4: Consumer and Producer Surplus_Edward

From the first edition of the book, which has been replaced by the second edition

KW: Introduction_the ordinary business of life_Edward

KW01: Individual choice, the core of economics_Edward

KW02: Models in economics, some important examples_Edward

KW06_1_Consumer and producer surplus_Edward

KW06_2_Consumer and producer surplus: Producer surplus and the supply curve_Edward

KW06_3_Consumer and producer surplus: Consumer surplus, producer surplus, and gains from trade_Edward

KW06_4_Consumer and producer surplus: Excise taxes and dead-weight loss_Edward

KW07_1_Opportunity cost and decision making_Edward

KW07_2_Making "how much decisions: the role of marginal decisions_Edward

KW08_1_The production function_Edward

KW08_2_Two key concepts: marginal cost and average cost_Edward

KW08_3_Short-run vs. long-run costs_Edward

KW09_1_Production and profits_Edward

KW09_2_Perfect competition_Edward

KW09_3_The industry supply function_Edward

KW10_1_The rational consumer: utility: getting satisfaction_Edward

KW10_2_Budgets and optimal consumption_Edward

KW13_1_Efficiency and equity: supply, demand and the virtues of the market_Edward

KW13_2_Efficiency in the economy as a whole_Edward

KW13_3_Efficiency and equity_Edward

KW19_1_The economics of pollution_Edward

KW19_2_Externalities: policies towards pollution_Edward

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