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Econ 2010

Sapling for Edward's section of Econ 2010

Sapling is an online platform/software for posting course materials and creating online quizzes.

I have tried to design the Sapling page for this course to make it as useful as possible. That said, this is only my second year

using Sapling so there will be some bumps in the road.

The Sapling web page contains an electronic copy of the book, Microeconomics by Krugman and Wells 4th edition, the course

outline week by week, and a large set of online weekly quizzes.

You must be signed up at the Sapling web site for our course, otherwise you cannot take the quizzes

Once you signed up for Sapling, you will have an online copy of the text. I do not require you to have a

hard copy of the textbook or any workbooks. If you are so inclined, you can purchase a hardcopy of the text (Krugman and Wells, Microeconomics)

online. Get an earlier edition (e.g. the 3rd edtion). It will be way cheaper.

The instuctions for signing up for Saplinig online:

• Go to to log in or create an account.

• Under Enroll in a new course, you should see Courses at [Your College]. Click to expand this list and see courses arranged by subject. Click on a subject to see the terms that courses are available

• Click on the term to expand the menu further (note that Semester 1 refers to the first course in a sequence and not necessarily the first term of the school year).

• Once the menus are fully expanded, you’ll see a link to a specific course. If this is indeed the course you’d like to register for, click the link.

• Review the system requirements and confirm that Flash is updated and enabled in your browser.

• Need Help? Our technical support team can be reached by phone, chat, or by email via the Student Support Community. To contact support please open a service request by filling out the webform:

The following link includes more detailed instructions on how to register for your course:

As far as the price goes, I believe it is currently $42 for online signup and access to the book and quizzes. (Note that the quizzes are only availabe online, and only through the Sapling website for our course.)


If you insist on buying the book and access to Sapling through the CU bookstore (why?), the bookstore should have the Sapling access card corresponding to Krugman's Microeconomics (ISBN 9781319039653). Make your you are getting both the online book and online access to the Sapling quizzes.

The quizzes:

For every chapter there will be Sapling quizzes on that chapter of K and W.

There will also (hopefully) be one or two short quizzes each week with Edward-type questions. These will also be on the Sapliing web site.

Because s _ _ _ happens (emergencies, sickness, etc.) the 25% of your quizzes with the lowest grades (all quizzes will be graded out of 10 pts) will not count toward your

overall quiz score. This policy is in place because things happen that you can't control. Given that you are effectively excused from 25% of the quizzes, there will no make-up quizzes, or extensions of the the due dates

for any reason. Please don't ask for additional accomodations.

Typically the Edward questions are questions that were asked on an old exam. They were created by me, or a current T.A.s, or a past T.A.s, or a former students in the class.

Edward-type questions typically share four properties: (1) they are more lecture-based than book-based, (2) they reflect Edward's emphaisis on models and logical thinking, (3) the examples are atypical, and (4) answering them correctly often requires a deeper understanding of the material.

When I, with the help of the T.A.'s, create your exams there is a preference for Edward-type question.

Note that all of the old exams questions (all with answer and many with explanations) are on the course web page.

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