Professor Edward Morey

Econ 2010, Edward's class

ways the T.A.s can help you

Your recitation will be the main place for you to get help

Every week in recitation your T.A. will:

1. answer your questions about the lectures and book chapter

2. Every week the T.A. will help you to work through and answer two or so the questions from a past exam (Edward-type questions, not book-type questions), questions relevant to that week's material. This will be done by dividing you into groups of three to work on those problems. The T.A.(s) will wander from group to group providing help. You will not just choose an answer to the multiple-choice question, but as a group you will write out why your answer is the correct answer (possibly including why the other possible answers are not correct, or if correct, not as informative). .

3. Before the week starts, the T.A. will identify the past exam questions that relate to what you will be quizzed on at the end of that week. For example, if opportunity cost is on the table, they will identify the past exam questions that relate to opportunity cost. They will then split up tose questions and cover different ones in the different recitation sections. That way--if you are so inclined--you can get help with more questions by attendinng more recitations.

4. Depending on time, your T.A. can help you with the practice quizzes

5. Your T.A. will encourage you to work through and answer additional old exam questions, and will help you with that process (if there is not time in recitation

We encourage you to bring you laptop to recitation, so while you are there you have access to the Sapling web site and the online quizzes.

If you are not getting what you need from your recitation, make constructive suggestions to your T.A. as to how the recitation might be improved. Note the word "constructive".

Assuming you are participating in recitation, feel free to visit your T.A. (or another T.A) during his or her office hours to get help with the material.

If you blow-off the recitations, it would be rude to ask for help during office hours, or email asking for help

You can join, on a temporary or permanent basis, other recitation groups. But remember that you grade for recitation will be determined for the recitation section in which you are enrolled.

Your recitation grade will depend on your active participation in the process of working out the answers to the rerview questions. Simply being present will be worth something, but not much.

If you need to contact someone by email, try your T.A. first - she or he is your main contact person for the course.

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