Professor Edward Morey

Econ 4999: Economics, Ethics, and the Environment

Interesting and noteworthy essays and projects by students in Economics, Ethics and the Environment

These are some of the essays that I found thought provoking. However, that does not mean that each is without mistakes, without typos, and absent errors of logic. It is difficult to write a paper without at least some of these evils. In addition, I don't necesarily agree with the opinions expressed.

In some of these essays, I have embedded comments directly in the .pdf file.

Reading all or some of these essays should be your first step in choosing a topic for your essay and researching how you might write your essay

Student Essays 2009

Student Essays 2008

Student Essays 2006

The Prescription for Rainforest Protection, Calef Letorney, Spring 2006

An Economist's View: Torture as a means of stopping terrorism, Ralph Pahlmeyer, Spring 2006

The Ethics of Societal Inclusion: Can Animals Join? Christene Zhang, Spring 2006

Free Trade and India, Keith Schuman, Spring 2006

Reverse Engineering a Long -Term Social Discount Rate, Craig Douglas, Spring 2006

Social Stratification of Pollution Across America: Analysis and Economic Perspectives, William Nichols, Spring 2006

Pure Paternalism: How can it be efficiency increasing? Ralph Pahlmeyer, Spring 2006

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